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Stocked is a smartphone app for managing your inventory to grow your online business.

How It Works


The Stocked App keeps an organized list of all your inventory and assigns each item a barcode. Add new product, mark items as sold, and reconcile your inventory from your smartphone or tablet. Stocked generates real-time reports you can export, so you can stay on top of your selling and be ready for tax time.


Stocked uses your smartphone's camera to scan barcodes. This lets you tackle inventory management without an expensive retail scanner. The app also has the capability to scan and record existing barcodes on many of the items you sell. Use the Stocked scan feature to check your items' prices quickly and easily.


The Stocked Barcode Printer connects wirelessly to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Print barcodes in three sizes directly from your smartphone without having to change out label rolls. When you're running low on barcode and hangtag supplies, you can reorder directly from the app.

Stocked Integrates With Your Online Selling Platforms

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Meet our satisfied customers and see how they use Stocked to meet their online business inventory needs. We can tell you it's easy, but you shouldn't take our word for it. They'll show you Stocked in action.

Our Pricing Will Meet Your Needs


The Stocked Starter Kit which includes barcode printer, printing labels, and free application download has everything you need to start tracking your inventory. Set up your account on your smartphone, tablet, or as many devices as you like!


With your monthly Stocked fee, you receive unlimited storage space for your inventory database on the cloud, access to 24 hour technical support, and real-time notifications when you sell items on your marketplaces.

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